New Books and ARCs, 5/14/20

The number of actual physical books that have comes to the Scalzi Compound has slowed to a trickle (because the people who work in warehouses have largely been at home, and reasonably so!), but some books have still made their way in. Here are the ones that have arrived in the last… month? Or so? See anything here that speaks to you? Share in the comments!

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  1. That’s what I came here to ask about. Also I got all excited about the ‘new’ Mieville…

  2. Well gosh, I’m guess I’m just part of the hive mind, I had a comment about slim green volume, “new” book by China Mieville, and the Swanwick book as looking fascinating. Ok.

  3. Not only is a new Swanwick always cause for celebration, but the title sounds particularly intriguing!

    (I’ll be checking back later to see if we learn anything about the mysterious thin green spine.)

  4. Is that a new edition of Iron Council (Mieville)? It’s the 3rd book in the New Crobuzon series and originally came out in 2003. Just curious. I loved all three of those books, but for some reason this one have me nightmares

  5. @Diane Hollingsworth: Subterranean, whose name is on the spine of Iron Council there, is a well-respected small press which specializes in high-quality limited-edition releases of genre works. They occasionally do originals (such as The God Engines by John Scalzi, an author you might have heard of), but I believe they mostly they do reprints. I don’t know what sort of deal they work out with the original publishers in such cases, but I’m pretty sure it’s satisfactory to everyone, since they’re still in business.

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    Jada Hope Diaz

    *Raises Hands*

    Slim green volume?

    Also, I’d like most of these on my kindle pretty please.

  7. @David Actually, it’s not; you can see a space between the O’Keefe and the Mieville books. That being said, Swanwick, please!

  8. She had nearly reached the last set of the shelves when a slim green book caught her eye. It was thinner and less elaborately covered than the others – the binding looked to be plain green leather without the embossing or gilding that seemed to be the usual for magical texts. Perhaps the lack of ornamentation was what had caught here eye.

    She stood on tiptoe to reach for the book, tugging it free of its neighbors with her fingertimps. The cover was plain, no title apparent in the aged and somewhat brittle-looking leather, so she opened it gingerly, not wanting to do any damage.

    The title page read simply “On Bindings” …

    (The Shattered Court, M. J. Scott)

  9. I love Sara Paretsky and think her non-mystery books are just as good as the VI Warshawski series. Maybe it arrived because of Mr Scalzi’s association with Chicago.

  10. >> Sara Paretsky… Doesn’t she write mysteries? >>

    Yes, and that’s a mystery novel. Not everything that gets sent is SFF.

    ISSUED, for instance, also in the stack this week, appears to be a sweaty contemporary romance, launching a series called “Navy SEALs of Little Creek.”

  11. The Cheesesellers Wife – I write poetry and paint in watercolours and acrylics. My Cheesesellers Wife blog is mostly about poetry and, yes, my husband sells cheese. Sometimes I help…….
    The Cheesesellers Wife

    I’m also excited about the Michael Swanwick……

  12. @Bo Lindberg Appreciate for the feedback on The Black Sky font. If you want to see the cover and compare, my link will take you to it. This is an advanced copy, so still time to adjust if needed. Thanks!

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