Sunset, 5/24/20

Some good drama in this one.

Have an excellent rest of your Sunday, folks.

7 Comments on “Sunset, 5/24/20”

  1. Are you sure you didn’t, like, pumpkin-carve your sky?
    You do have superpowers, after all.

  2. Nice shot. As my father used to say, clouds make a sunset interesting.

    The most dramatic sunset I remember was looking out over Puget Sound from NW Seattle. There was a mid-height cloud layer extending to the west as far as I could see. As the sun got lower, it lit the layer from underneath. Where the sun hit the clouds it was a color similar to the low zone in your photo, maybe a little pinker.. But the cloud layer had a lot of texture so there was a lot of blue and dark grey where the sun didn’t hit. The whole sky seemed to be alternate fire and dark. Spectacular.

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