Sunset, 5/24/20

Some good drama in this one.

Have an excellent rest of your Sunday, folks.

7 Comments on “Sunset, 5/24/20”

  1. Nice shot. As my father used to say, clouds make a sunset interesting.

    The most dramatic sunset I remember was looking out over Puget Sound from NW Seattle. There was a mid-height cloud layer extending to the west as far as I could see. As the sun got lower, it lit the layer from underneath. Where the sun hit the clouds it was a color similar to the low zone in your photo, maybe a little pinker.. But the cloud layer had a lot of texture so there was a lot of blue and dark grey where the sun didn’t hit. The whole sky seemed to be alternate fire and dark. Spectacular.

  2. catsparx – Canberra, ACT – Cat Sparks is a multi-award-winning Australian author, editor and artist. Career highlights include a PhD in science fiction and climate fiction, five years as Fiction Editor of Cosmos Magazine, running Agog! Press, working as an archaeological dig photographer in Jordan, studying with Margaret Atwood, 78 published short stories, two collections – The Bride Price (2013) and Dark Harvest (2020) and a far future novel, Lotus Blue. She directed two speculative fiction festivals for WritingNSW and is a regular panellist & speaker at speculative fiction and other literary events.

    Definitely epic!

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