Memorial Day Flowers, 2020

From around the Scalzi Compound. 

I hope today has been a fine and reflective Memorial Day for you and yours.

11 Comments on “Memorial Day Flowers, 2020”

  1. Nice assortment of flowers. Today, I’ve been going through 50 years of my late father’s photographs and slides. Thousands of images of the roses he grew.

  2. The red one looks like a hibiscus, but those are tropical. Rose of Sharon?

  3. I thought it was an hibiscus at first too, but the stamens should be longer unless John is focussing point-blank on them for the pic. Pretty, though.

  4. Thank you, we did. My neighborhood had a socially distant gathering/memorial/social that started with Taps and remembering the military casualties. Very meaningful for my military family.

  5. So who does the gardening in your compound? Whoever does achieves very fine results! When I was growing up, my farmer dad’s wife (my mother) found time to plant a modest amount of flowers and about a 1/4 acre of vegetable garden. I did not inherent those interests and gardening skills.

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