Zeus Officially Pronounces The Week Done and Over With

Go on, take a break for a couple of days. You’ve earned it. Probably.

8 Comments on “Zeus Officially Pronounces The Week Done and Over With”

  1. I was listening to the “Start With This” podcast and they cited a quote from Dan Sheehan: “The quarantine state of mind is having 3 solid days where you feel pretty well adjusted, followed by a sudden, unexpected dip into what we call “the hell zone.”

    I get the feeling you and I have been having hell zone week.

  2. Hindu friend wanted to be reincarnated as an American House cat.
    Scalzi household seems pretty good for the life of a cat. Mice, if one chooses, food, sun patches, no house hold chores.
    But they heard a rumor of a puppy…..

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