Daily Archives: June 4, 2020

Five Things: June 4, 2020

It’s only June 4, y’all. Here’s today’s five: James Mattis stabs Trump in the eye: And courageously says what everyone already knows, which is that Trump is awful and divisive and wants to use the military on American civilians so he can feel big and tough.  And yes, I’m giving Mattis a bit of stick […]

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The Big Idea: Jeremy Szal

War changes people, and in Stormblood, some wars change people more. Author Jeremy Szal is here today to explain how, and why. JEREMY SZAL: Blood is thicker than water. Does that still apply when your blood is infused with alien DNA? Let me explain. The central idea for Stormblood is that a far-flung, interstellar society […]

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