New Books and ARCs 6/5/20

Right on time for the first weekend in June, a brand new stack of new books and ARCs for your perusal. What here is calling to be added to your “to be read” pile? Share your thoughts in the comments.

15 Comments on “New Books and ARCs 6/5/20”

  1. On the fantasy side: The Bujold is a collection of the first three Penric novellas, previously sold as slightly pricey hardcover editions and pretty-cheap e-books. The PC Hodgell is part of her Kencyrath series, and I think the first to come out in Mass Market Paperback (which I hope isn’t an ill omen).

  2. A new Karres novel? By some of my favorite authors? Oh heck to the yeah!
    That world has been around so long that fin-down rocket landings aren’t science fiction any more.

    And a nice hard copy version of the Penric novellas?
    That’s a most excellent pile.

  3. My mom waited years and years between PC Hodgell’s novels, didn’t stop her from naming me after the main character. Glad I don’t have to wait as long!

  4. @joelfinkle, “Penric’s Travels” is the second collection, with stories 4-6. The first three stories are in “Penric’s Progress.”

  5. Oh god, yet another Baen sequel to The Witches of Karres? I’m sufficiently familiar with the first two of these to feel ashamed that they even exist. (Yes, this announcement catches me in the midst of my approximately-every-5-years rereading since the 1970s: “Well, sir, not exactly that,” Laes Yango told him. “I am the Agandar, and my pirates work for me.”)

  6. I’ll definitely be getting A Witch In Time & By Demons Possessed…

  7. @joelfinkle As sad I was to realise this wasn’t a new book be reassured this is a re-release, came out in TPB originally. And Penric’s Demon is no longer somewhat pricey! I bought Penric’s Progress just to get a hardcover copy of it

  8. None of the above, but I just got an email from the library that The Last Emperox is available to download, so yay!

  9. Obliteration by James S. Murray and Darren Wearmouth is on my Amazon UK list now. I’ve enjoyed the series by them so far. Will probably wait for the pb unless Amazon discounts the hc to a silly price.

  10. +1 for Nancy Kress, and I haven’t read the latest Penric stories yet even though they’ve been out for a while.

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