Spam Filtering Note

In the last couple of days I’ve been getting emails from folks asking if I’m moderating people more than usual and/or have revoked people’s posting status. The answer: Nope — but it does appear the site’s spam filter is being unusually aggressive recently, and comments have been getting kicked into the spam folder.

That being the case, two things: One, I’ll keep a closer eye on the spam filter for the next several days to see if there are errant posts there, which should help. Two, it’s a fine time for everyone, especially newer commenters, to check in with the comment policy for the site, to remind themselves of the general rules of the road here.

I have noticed comments becoming more immoderate recently; this is understandable given the state of the nation and planet, and tempers are shorter than they might otherwise be (mine certainly is). But that also means that the spam and moderation filters, trained for over a decade on my own idiosyncratic moderation policies, are flicking things into the spam filter before I see them. What can I say, my spam filter is a harsh moderator.

In any event, I’ll keep an eye out, and in the meantime reaquaint yourself with the comment policy and try to play nice with others in the comment threads. We’ll get this sorted soon enough.

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