Daily Archives: June 18, 2020

An Addition to the Site Disclaimer

For roughly all of its existence, this site has had a Site Disclaimer, Comment and Privacy Policy page, and from time to time I will make updates or emendations to its text. Today I made a fairly significant one and I’d like to talk about it a bit. Here’s the update: This site features content […]

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Five Things: June 18, 2020

I’m back from the dentist! What five things am I thinking about now? Here they are! Trump stuffed on DACA: Aaaaah, there’s that contentious 5-4 ruling I thought we might get earlier in the week. And because it was written by Roberts, it’s one of those “it’s not that your intention was bad, though it […]

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And Onward to the Next 25

A quick thank you to everyone for all your kind thoughts and wishes regarding our 25th anniversary. We had a good day. And now we’re off to the next 25! (Well, I’m more immediately off to the dentist, to get a crown. But you know what I mean.) Also, here one more photo from yesterday. […]

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