And Onward to the Next 25

A quick thank you to everyone for all your kind thoughts and wishes regarding our 25th anniversary. We had a good day. And now we’re off to the next 25!

(Well, I’m more immediately off to the dentist, to get a crown. But you know what I mean.)

Also, here one more photo from yesterday. Krissy is obviously in the photo, but I am too, sort of. I’m the reddish fuzzy blob reflected in the silver balloons. Maybe focus on Krissy instead. That’s what I do.

7 Comments on “And Onward to the Next 25”

  1. About that trip you had intended – it seems that now would in fact seem like the perfect time to go to Iceland: country is open for business, with COVID mostly eliminated of the country and strict testing on entry, aaaannnddd no crowd (yet) – before they re-open to all of us European on July 1…

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