Daily Archives: June 24, 2020

Five Things: June 24, 2020

Hello! Let’s get to today’s five, shall we? 2nd update: working from the front porch today. It's nice. pic.twitter.com/bqpjIFjHvJ — John Scalzi (@scalzi) June 24, 2020 Chair trouble: This morning I sat down in my office chair and kept going down; the pneumatic tube that regulates the height appears to have given out. Unfortunately my […]

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The Big Idea: Katherine Addison

When Katherine Addison gets hold of the Victorian Era in her new novel The Angel of the Crows, she does things to it that no one expected — possibly most of all herself. Here she is to tell you how and why she’s done what she has, and why she had so much fun with […]

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