Smudge Wishes You a Very Fine Independence Day Weekend

“Please enjoy your long July weekend. Take it easy on the fireworks. Have a cookout with those in your social bubble, appropriately distanced, of course.”

(And here’s a note from the human — I’m out for the rest of the day! See y’all later.)

15 Comments on “Smudge Wishes You a Very Fine Independence Day Weekend”

  1. What a very catly pose–just the right amount of superiority and disdain. He’s grown into a beautiful animal.

  2. Have a good holiday. And if it’s anything like Canada Day was here, expect a lot of amateur fireworks displays.

  3. Q: anybody wanna guess how many cops are gonna ‘return hostile fire’ in the next 36 hours? …an almost rational excuse to shoot up a crowd of unarmed civilians setting off fireworks

  4. I hope the Scalzi Compound is far enough from the neighbors that the cats and humans won’t have to deal with fireworks noise. I’ve watched war movies with quieter sound effects than what some parts of town are sounding like currently.

    Unfortunately, cookouts are off the schedule. My nephew was just informed that one of his buddies tested positive, and their group got together a couple weeks ago for the wedding of another buddy, so we’re waiting for the all-clear.

  5. A very fine Independence day to you, all the rest of the Scalzi compound, and all you commenters.

    I am going to hang around the homestead, make potato salad and a cake. Then make sure none of our neighbors manages to burn our house down. We’ve been really short of rain down here.

  6. If anyone ever decides to invade, they should do it on the July 4 weekend. No one is going to notice any extra explosions over the noise of the fireworks.

  7. Have a great weekend. Enjoy being away from all of this.

    I’ve read your recent comments about social media. I fully understand. Finding out friend(s) messed up sucks (a friend went to jail for a year for ). We’re still friends but things are very different than before.

    Dealing with the end of the world sucks. Dealing with politics sucks.

    Please post more Scamperbeasts pictures. They help with the rest of the world.

    Like you I have started limiting my online time, especially what little social media I’m on (a small rather obscure computer forum at this point). It messes with my working at home. A quick read in the morning while having breakfast. I tried a quick visit at lunch but that was bad so now I wait till late afternoon when I’m done working.

    I also seem to have an ulcer that I didn’t have in January or February. Probably just a coincidence. It’s mild so I’m not going to the doctor right now. Suggestion when called was to lower stress and some antacids. Call back if it doesn’t improve.

    I hope you, your fellow writers, and all of your other readers are ok. (Yes, Oxford comma that you seem to hate. Sorry. Use it in tech documents I write and just can’t stop.)

    This will pass given time.

  8. Looking forward to setting off Lame Legal Fireworks™ in my backyard. In broad daylight–we won’t be awakening the neighbors like SOMEBODY last night. Also, I just found out my state has specifically defined these as NOT fireworks, which is why they’re legal.

  9. Also your yesterday bee picture is not a honey bee. (I don’t mean to imply that you suggested it was.) It does look like it might be a bee however, which you wouldn’t believe how many people post pictures of bees that turn out to be yellowjackets. Or flies!

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