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Back to College? Not Yet

I posted this on Twitter a little while ago (with, of course, Athena’s consent): I have formally informed Athena I don't expect her to go back to college this next semester. She was, shall we say, neither surprised nor disappointed. We'll see where things are the semester after this. — John Scalzi (@scalzi) July 8, […]

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Goodreads’ 100 Most Popular Sci-Fi Books List: I’ve Got Some Stuff On It

Specifically Old Man’s War, Redshirts, Lock In and The Collapsing Empire. Neat! Here’s the full list for your amusement, perusal and commentary. In all it’s an interesting list, and it’s (reasonably) balanced between classics and newer work; the timeframe here ranges two centuries, from Frankenstein to some of current Hugo nominees. It’s worth noting that […]

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The Big Idea: Sarah Henning

From the title alone, The Princess Will Save You suggests there will be some trope-flipping involved in the story. But as author Sarah Henning explains in today’s Big Idea, flipping the trope isn’t enough. There has to be more. SARAH HENNING: The Princess Will Save You is the story of Princess Amarande of Ardenia, whose […]

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