How I’m Spending My Saturday

Both playing the ukulele and making semi-arty illustrations of me playing the ukulele. Both are enjoyable! To me, anyway, which in this case is all that counts.

Hope you’re having a lovely Saturday wherever you are.

16 Comments on “How I’m Spending My Saturday”

  1. You say that as if it’s a bad thing, John. 😉 I bow to your superior musical and artistic skills.

  2. Dear John,

    That is REALLY nice!

    And, your next album cover, fer shure.

    pax / Ctein

  3. Spending today taking POLS 101 on Straighterline to finish a degree requirement. 23 years after I stopped, I’m finally finishing it.

  4. That’s pretty trippy! I agree with ctein, album cover material for sure.
    I just put in 8 hrs at work, next I’m going to mow the lawn. It’ll be like watching fireworks I’m sure. Ooooooooh!, Aaaaaaaah!

  5. Yes, a lovely Saturday once we got the upstairs A/C fixed so as to make a DC July day livable.

    Then relaxes and finished a John Scalzi book about a teenager named Zoe.

  6. Amazing photo! And I’m glad you’re giving yourself a day of relaxing with some of your favorite toys.

    We spent our afternoon watching an incredible, powerful, moving piece of theater. A regional theatre company in our area had to cancel their entire season this year, and their core company of a dozen veteran actors have done Zoom readings of six different plays, which are being streamed free on our state’s PBS channel through July 29. They just released the reading they did of Carlyle Brown’s “Are You Now, Or Have You Ever Been,” which is a play about Langston Hughes’ appearance before the HUAC in 1953, and it was just absolutely stunning. The gentleman who plays Hughes has played the role in two prior productions, so while they call it a reading, it’s pretty obvious he’s off-book and doing it from memory. Just incredible.

    Be well, all, and stay cool in this heat.

  7. Oh, that’s a uke? I was assuming it was your tenor guitar when I first saw the picture.
    I’ve slacked off and haven’t played instruments in a few months, since all the local jam sessions closed down. Have to get back to it.

    So far today we’ve had groceries delivered, fed the cats, and eaten leftovers for lunch; I should go biking, which will make my Fitbit happy about me getting five days of exercise this week (it’s mostly been walking.) Haven’t been doomscrolling on Twitter in a while, since Twitter decided I was acting like a robot and put me in Twitter Jail until a human reads my trouble ticket, and that’s probably just as well, but hi to those of you I’ve missed :-)

  8. Is that a ceiling fan?

    I love my ceiling fan. A breeze at night and my spouse does not object.

  9. Hubby and I are cave diving this week, our main ‘together’ hobby. We are learning how to dive a different rebreather and I think I’m going to like it way better than my current model.