Grant Imahara, RIP

Grant and I (and Laser Malena-Webber) on JoCo Cruise 2014. Photo by Steve Petrucelli.

I met Grant on the JoCo Cruise a few years back and we have been friends ever since; I’d see him occasionally when I was in Los Angeles, and we’d keep in touch through text and social media. He was, simply, a lovely human, and his passing last night from a brain aneurysm is a shock. I don’t have much else to say about it right now because I’m still working through him being gone. It feels impossible. Much love to all of his friends and family, and to the people who came to know him through his work in television and through his various geek associations.

We none of us know our hour, and it is sooner for some of us than we can ever imagine. Please let those you love know you care about them, okay?

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  1. I was shocked to read of his passing this morning. I loved his segments on Mythbusters.

    To whatever extent my condolences mean anything, to his friends (including you, John) and family, I am very sorry for your loss.

  2. I don’t know why this hurts. He was my age (pretty close) and I have a conception of him as a smart and nice guy, but I hadn’t been paying much other attention to him otherwise, and so I don’t know why this feels the way it does.

  3. Stunned to see the news this morning. Many warm thoughts and condolences to you, John, and all his friends and family. I know he’ll be missed by so many.

  4. He is what I wanted to be when I grow up (even if I am older). Build robots, do neat stuff for movies and TV, and always retain that sense of delight and wonder in exploration and adventure.

  5. I was a fan of his work on Battle Bots before I even knew who he was, then I became a fan of his creativity, kindness, and joyfulness on Mythbusters. Though I never met him, I know he was a wonderful person who made the world and people’s lives better.

  6. My heart hurts. Mythbusters was one of our favorite shows to watch together when my sons were young, and I’m convinced that all three of them developed their science-based interests from watching Grant and the rest of the Mythbusters family. I have a fond memory of sitting with my oldest son, watching the episode that discussed the possibility of aerosol sunscreens combusting, and having him turn to me and excitedly explain how he and his friends had built a rig in someone’s backyard to test this theory with AXE body spray. One of those hair-raising mother moments. Said son is, perhaps not surprisingly, currently considering electrical engineering as a field of study. RIP Mr. Imahara, your presence will be felt for generations.

  7. Grant was the best thing on Mythbusters, and wonderful on everything else I saw him in. Everyone’s personal remembrances say he was such a sweet guy, and it hurts much more somehow when someone that talented and personable is taken so young. He will be missed so much. My condolences, John, and everyone who knew him.

  8. Gods, I LOVED Grant Imahara on MYTHBUSTERS! I heard him a few times on the TWiT Podcast Network as well — he always came off as a smart, aware kind of guy.

    He said he first came to Jamie Hynemann’s attention during the STAR WARS prequels, as he’d built a revamped R2D2 while in college just for shits&giggles, and did such a great job Lucas started out renting it (and him) for promotional events, then hired him to work on robots for the Prequel Trilogy.

  9. I came here to troll but neglected to consider that my comment might be changed by the proprietor. Wow, I am a terrible human being.

  10. I really enjoyed it when he was on the screen. There was something visceral about the excitement and joy he brought to each subject he touched and you could tell he was only disappointed in that he could not show us *more* cool things he was working on…

    He will be missed

  11. I rarely, if ever, get emotional about celebrity deaths. But Grant wasn’t just any celebrity. He was one of us. Yes he had celebrity status but, in reality, he was a glorified science nerd. I say that with no disparagement to Grant or science nerds.

    Back to my stoicism. I shed tears when Carrie Fisher died. Time had finally run out on us and we’d never get that cup of joe and talk about our dads who were best friends back in the 60s and 70s before my dad died.

    Losing Grant to a silent time bomb? It just feels like a double donkey punch with a clothes line thrown in. Grant was special. He was personable and sweet. Genuine. I never got the chance to meet him but all my friends who did raved.

    Grant, my heart breaks at losing you. Peace to your loved ones, family, and fans.