Daily Archives: July 15, 2020

I Had Substantial Dental Work Done Today and the Anesthetic is Wearing Off, Making Actual Thinking Difficult, So, Here is a Picture of Smudge Seriously Considering Trying to Abscond With an Entire Steak

I mean, it’s right there. He could totally snatch it and run before we catch him, right? (Spoiler: No.) Catch you all tomorrow, folks.

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The Big Idea: Tiffani Angus

Time travel — and horticulture? The two entwine in Threading the Labyrinth, the new novel from Tiffani Angus. How did the author cultivate these two into a single novel? The answer awaits you below. TIFFANI ANGUS: The big idea behind Threading the Labyrinth started in a garden. Well, it started with a garden. Okay, to […]

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