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Five Things: July 22, 2020

Having spent my morning plugging away on the web site, I now turn my attention to what’s going on (waves abstractly) out there: Ohio’s Speaker of the House is in some deep shit: Turns out you’re not supposed to (allegedly) take bribes! Which I suspect Larry Householder probably knew, but I guess he thought that […]

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Blog Changes Update

So, for the moment I’m going with the Aperitive theme, because I like it aesthetically and because it also does a pretty good job of working with different types of displays. For example, if you have a wide/large monitor or browser window, you see the side-by-side display here, but if you’re on a phone or […]

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The Big Idea: Ryan Van Loan

For Ryan Van Loan, unexpected voices led him to take an equally unexpected journey — one that would result in his new novel, Sin in the Steel. RYAN VAN LOAN: My Big Idea started with a literal whisper in the dark. “Let a man think you weak, let him think you vulnerable, and he’ll never […]

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Heads Up: Changes and Updates Coming

Folks, it’s been literally years since I’ve updated the look and navigation of Whatever, and as a result the site is looking a little… dated, and also the functionality of the site is not current either for how people currently come to the site, or all the places they read the site — this site […]

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