New Books and ARCs, 7/31/2020

As we turn the corner into August, here’s a final stack of new books and ARCs for July. What here appeals to your inner reader? Share in the comments!

10 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 7/31/2020”

  1. I’m sure you’ve mentioned in the past, and maybe I’ve even read the answer and have since slept and therefore don’t remember – but what do you do with those stacks of books? Your house looks like you could have a huge library but even so, you get a LOT of books!

  2. Noir Fatale is next on my TBR list after I finish slogging through The Garden of Rama…

  3. It appears I’m not the only one irresistibly drawn to the title of “Shenanigans”.
    Amazon’s (pardon my French) page for the book has a “look inside” option and the first few pages appear to be appropriately shenanigan-ish. That’s on my wish list now although it might actually be aimed at a much younger demographic. As my, now defunct, T-shirt once stated: In my head I’m still 18.

  4. Growing up, I loved all of the Jules Verne various Castaway books – At the end of the world, set in the Black Tide Rising universe looks like it is a modern companion…

  5. anything Eric Flint gets a closer look… anything ‘1632’ is automatic… since FEB, anything I read about the 1630s is getting too close for comfort: religious bigotry, autocratic rulers, economic upheaval (due to ‘future tech’) various plagues, etc. …funny how democracy and science and literacy has a better chance of acceptance in 1630s than 2020s…

  6. I’ll buy the Oshiro book just because the guy is worthy of support. And he makes me laugh for hours.

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