New Books and ARCs, 7/31/2020

As we turn the corner into August, here’s a final stack of new books and ARCs for July. What here appeals to your inner reader? Share in the comments!

10 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 7/31/2020”

  1. I’m sure you’ve mentioned in the past, and maybe I’ve even read the answer and have since slept and therefore don’t remember – but what do you do with those stacks of books? Your house looks like you could have a huge library but even so, you get a LOT of books!

  2. It appears I’m not the only one irresistibly drawn to the title of “Shenanigans”.
    Amazon’s (pardon my French) page for the book has a “look inside” option and the first few pages appear to be appropriately shenanigan-ish. That’s on my wish list now although it might actually be aimed at a much younger demographic. As my, now defunct, T-shirt once stated: In my head I’m still 18.

  3. Growing up, I loved all of the Jules Verne various Castaway books – At the end of the world, set in the Black Tide Rising universe looks like it is a modern companion…

  4. anything Eric Flint gets a closer look… anything ‘1632’ is automatic… since FEB, anything I read about the 1630s is getting too close for comfort: religious bigotry, autocratic rulers, economic upheaval (due to ‘future tech’) various plagues, etc. …funny how democracy and science and literacy has a better chance of acceptance in 1630s than 2020s…

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