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Don’t Call It a Comeback

Hello, everyone! Today is my first day back on the blog and I’m so stoked to be here again! Some of you may remember my time on here from the summer of ’18, and even more recently, my one and only post since then. I’m not sure how long I’ll be around this time, but let’s make the most of our time together!

I’d like to start off by introducing myself to those of you who don’t know me. My name is Athena and I’m twenty one years old! I’m left-handed, a Capricorn, an only child, a sweets addict, a lover of the color purple, an ENFP, and so much more! But the other trivial facts will come with time.

Now we can venture forward in my introductory post to the second part: what to expect from me. In the past, my posts were a mishmash of random things, consisting of whatever I was up to, any random thoughts I had, anything new I tried, etc. I’d still like to do all that random goodness, but this time around I’d like to be more consistent with certain things, have reoccurring types of posts, and introduce new types of pieces into the blog that haven’t been done before. I will be posting a few times a week, so you’ll definitely see my posts around, but they won’t be an every day occurrence.

(I just misspelled occurrence so many times it doesn’t even look like a word to me anymore.)

Anyways, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has given me a warm welcome back. It truly means a lot to me that so many of you are excited for me to be here, and that you’re looking forward to my posts. I will do my best to provide quality content for you all to enjoy! Thank you to everyone who wished me well! Your support warms my heart. If you just can’t get enough of me, you can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

During this time, I’ll also be working on my own writing, as well as photography, and I’m sure I’ll show you all some of the fruits of my labor. Until then, I hope you enjoy the posts; I have so much planned!

Have a great day!


By Athena Scalzi

Twenty three year old girl living life.

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Looking forward to your column! I’m going to be bringing that Dad vibe to my comments because, like John, I also have a left-handed twenty-something scion who loves to write. And read. Somewhere I have a short video of them hula-hooping while reading Nick Hornby’s ‘About A Boy’. Is it too much of a stretch to imagine you doing that kind of thing?

Great to have contemporary good news from Ohio. Having spent four undergrad years and one grad school there long ago, my main memories are of cold rain, snow, and thunderstorms. Oh, and of a crowd standing up and cheering at an outdoor Ohio State stadium showing of _Easy_Rider_ when the hippie got shot off his bike. I quietly hid my beard and long hair and departed before the credits. Ohio is another country. Or as someone said at a mass meeting my freshman year, “in antiwar politics, between New York where half of us come from and California where most of the rest come from there’s three thousand miles of Ohio.” That was, oh, 50 years ago. Still true, I guess.

I have really enjoyed watching your writing skills grow and evolve, Athena, and I’m delighted that you’ll be gracing this blog with your presence on a regular basis for at least a while. I look forward to seeing your opinions on whatever you choose to write about.

Thanks for hanging out with us, and be well.

Welcome back Athena! I am also a Capricorn and was an ENFP when I was young. I wish I still was; I soon became an INFP which isn’t anywhere near as much fun. I hope you have a great time blogging for us!

A sweet addict:
This is so sweet your teeth will hurt. The shaggy dog.

Take marshmallows place them individually on wax paper in the freezer. Stick heavy toothpick in the center. Freeze over night.
Melt chocolate, dunk frozen marshmallow into the chocolate, then roll in shaved coconut. Place back on wax paper and put back into the freezer, to harden outer shell.

Share after a 5 mile jog, it will undo all that good exercise!

Welcome! I enjoyed your 2018 stint on Whatever (although I was only lurking at the time) and can’t wait to see what you bring to the site. I am a teensy bit hoping for music recommendations, since I like to spice up my playlists with wildly age-inappropriate genre mishmash. But I’m sure whatever inspires you to write will be fun!

Schools love Meyers-Briggs and psychologists hate it, for the same reason. There are no negative character traits. Well, and also it isn’t based on any real research. Everyone is from Lake Wobegon.

I don’t know about you but I’ve met a gracious plenty of toxic personalities in my life, which M-B would not capture at all. Donald Trump would also likely be an ENFP, and he really isn’t at all like you.

Is that mansplaining? I think it’s more scientist-splaining.

Oh, and welcome back and you’re going to be here at least through January 20 and probably a lot longer, and have fun! You were enjoyable to read last time and I’m sure you will be this time as well.

Welcome Ms. Athena! I have a young person in my house who is a stranded third-year university student, who happens to be left-handed as well! She’s INFP, and rather annoyed about being trapped at home! She is having to delay her senior design class (she’s studying to be a Civil Engineer) and really frustrated about trying to do another Semester On-line. Touching on some of those sorts of topics would be an interesting read. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a degree basically put on hold in the midst of this. I’m your parent’s age, and extremely worried about my daughter’s (and son’s, he’s an inbound Uni freshman!) health.

Welcome! As the grandmother of an almost 19 year old entering University in Ireland this fall, it will be nice to have a connection to a member of her generation.

Welcome, Athena!

It just occurred to me that the tagline “Taunting the tauntable since 1998” is doubly applicable.

The word I most commonly misspell is “litteracy.”

“Don’t call it a comeback.”

LOL! “Momma said knock you out!”

I hadn’t heard this song for at least 20 years but just recently (few months ago?) had a hankering to hear it so I dug it up and added it to my most played play list. Coincidences never cease to amaze.

Glad to see you continuing to write here after your long absence.

I had a voluntary job way back in the mists of time, otherwise known as the late 1970s, where I had to put paper forms in alphabetical order. After several hours of doing this I forgot my alphabet. Minds are tricksy things.

Welcome back, Athena. I just wanted to let you know that there is a long-term ripple from your earlier stint on the site: at one point you touted the webcomic “The Bright Side”. It sounded intriguing enough that I checked it out and have been reading it ever since. It took me a few months to catch up on the backlog (courtesy of Comic Rocket) but I’m up to date now and still enjoying it. Thanks for the recommendation!

Joel, is there such a thing as an anti-Yosemite? Someone who doesn’t like certain characters from Bugs Bunny? If it’s strictly a national park thing, would people who don’t like geysers be anti-Yellowstoners? Inquiring (silly) minds want to know!

Two questions

How in this world did you get to twenty one so quickly?

What in this world is an ENFP?

74. Right handed. Blue eyes.


I talked about being a writer.

Your Daddy became a great writer.

You my dear will become the best writer.

It’s genetic after all you are MYGD!

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