Housekeeping Notes for the New Regime

Athena has officially announced her return here so I don’t need to do that; nevertheless a couple of quick notes:

1. The current theme doesn’t have a byline noting which of us is posting, so for the foreseeable future we’ll be putting our initials at the end of our posts to distinguish them. You know, in case the difference in how we present ourselves in text isn’t enough (and who knows, it might not be).

So, if you see a post end in “AMS,” that’s Athena, and “JS” will signify me, John Scalzi. Big Idea posts will be unsigned by either of us (since those are written by their book’s author). Additionally, Athena’s posts will have an “Athena Scalzi” category tag, which you’ll be able to see on the individual entry page but not on the main page of the blog.

(For everyone about to give me theme tips and suggestions as to what I should do with bylines or dates on the posts, etc, please don’t. I’ll tweak and update when/if I can or when/if I feel like it, but for the moment, this is how we’re doing things. Thanks.)

2. You’ll note a couple of cosmetic changes, perhaps, notably that the portrait on the Whatever front page now features both me and Athena; the Whatever information lists her as an editor/writer; and the information about the site has been updated to include her as well. That’s because, well, we’re making changes here and the look and information should reflect that, obviously.

3. Also (I think) obviously, Athena writes differently than I do and has different interests and concerns, and I think that that’s great; my job as an editor is to help her shape her voice and tone to be even more like herself, not to change it into something that she’s not. As a result the overall tone and content for Whatever will change as the site incorporates more of her stuff into it. I’m looking forward to this; be ready for it.

With that said, remember that the rules of the road still apply here. Both Athena and I have moderating capability — yes, Athena has the Mallet — and part of my job as editor here is training her how to use it. To be clear, nearly everyone who comments here regularly does so because they understand the rules, and I don’t expect that to change. You folks are grand. But given how much I catch myself annoyingly mansplaining things to her (and to her mother, which is even more fraught), let’s just say I expect a few slip ups here and there. If you can catch yourself before that happens, that would be nice. But if you don’t, we’ll give you a tap.

I think that’s it for now. Welcome to Whatever as a two-person shop. It will be fun while it lasts.

— JS

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

26 replies on “Housekeeping Notes for the New Regime”

“I for one welcome our new Gen-Z overlord”

Q: will your new regime include a commitment to increased numbers of new cats? or just more pictures? will the cats ever get their own byline?

on more serious note: you could offer up to us 50-somethings a perspective upon how your generation just got royally bollixed in so many novel ways…

Welcome Athena! I look forward to seeing you develop your writing skills! And, like your dad, I have my 19 and 23 year olds living with me for the foreseeable future. Gen X and Gen Z have to band together to make it through! (I remember in the late 80s we had a joke: ‘What’s the difference between a Boomer and a Buster (= Gen X before Gen X was named Gen X)? A job!’ So we know the struggle well. I am now approaching 60 and have never had a job with bennies. Time for this to change for the youth of today — or you will be just living in our houses until you inherit them, like in the good ol’ days 100 years ago!) Anyway, you’re blessed to have food, shelter and health care from the parents and we of the parents generation want you to have a future you can thrive in.

This is just an inoffensive comment for Athena to practice deleting.

In the event that offensive content is required to prompt deletion: Highlander 2 is better than the original.

I would hope that training Athena to use the Mallet will lead to teaching her to drive the Countryman. (Unless she’s already learned stick, but I think I’d have read about that by now if so.) My recently unemployed older daughter (24) has finally decided to learn, and my wife is giving her lessons in our remaining manual car, a 2006 Forester.

I think a picture of Athena with the Mallet of loving correction (did you ever trademark that? It has a great ring to it!) would be awesome. Just sayin’.
Looking forward to all the content!

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