Krissy, Masked

The mask in question purchasable here, from John Picacio, who did the artwork printed onto it. Very nicely done, and clearly looks great as well.

(And for those about to ask, the picture was taken with my Pixel 4 and then edited in Photoshop. The original, less treated photo is here for your comparing and contrasting.)

Remember to wear your masks, folks!


10 Comments on “Krissy, Masked”

  1. When you Photoshop into black and white and do the things you do with a picture of Krissy being all on point like that, do you realize how intense it gets? Well of course you do.
    My second thought was, “Jane is that you” and “The last thing a couple of Arrissian guards saw before they left this plane of existence.”
    Wow, just WOW!

  2. My spouse and I just got our John Picacio Loteria masks in the mail a couple days ago, though neither of us looks anywhere near as impressive wearing one as Krissy does.

  3. Already ordered mine, although Krissy has set a very high bar for awesomely wearing one. (Currently on backorder.)

  4. Very cool mask. Would definitely make me turn my head thrice just to get a good look at it (so few people out my way wear cool masks like that). Got a FB friend who picked up one of those masks from Mad Max and it definitely will make you think twice about saying/doing something stupid.