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Small Business Saturday: Ocean’s Originals

Hello, everyone! I hope you are all having a great Saturday. One thing that Saturdays are good for is shopping small! Which is why I’ve decided to start a new thing on here where, occasionally on Saturdays, I feature a small business that I think is awesome and highly recommend! Every business that I promote will be one that I personally have tried and/or used their products, so I actually know that what I’m recommending you is quality stuff supporting quality people!

To kick things off, I’d like to talk about Ocean’s Originals; a wonderful brand of all natural skincare and beauty products to amp up your self care routine. Not only is everything all natural, it’s also hella affordable! From lip tint to body scrub, cuticle balm to roller ball perfumes, she has such a nice variety of self-care products that I just adore.

I have bought from Ocean many times, and never regretted a single purchase. Everything feels so quality, not to mention smells totally amazing! Personally, my favorites out of what I’ve tried are probably the lip conditioners and the cuticle balm, but I also really like the lip scrubs and Luscious Lashes oil. Just to be clear, I have not tried all the products she offers! But I can totally vouch for the ones I have, as they have all been wonderful additions to my skincare regime.

Here’s a few words from the creator herself:

My name is Ocean! I’m 22 & live in Illinois. I’ve been creating since October 2017. I love creating all types of self care items, especially lip care! I strive to be as eco friendly and low waste as possible in every aspect of my business! It’s extremely important to me to be low waste in every aspect & I’m actively finding ways to reduce waste while providing the best products!

You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, or check out her products at her website.

Anyways, I hope you consider giving Ocean’s wonderful products a try, and I hope you have a great Saturday!


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