Small Business Saturday: Ocean’s Originals

Hello, everyone! I hope you are all having a great Saturday. One thing that Saturdays are good for is shopping small! Which is why I’ve decided to start a new thing on here where, occasionally on Saturdays, I feature a small business that I think is awesome and highly recommend! Every business that I promote will be one that I personally have tried and/or used their products, so I actually know that what I’m recommending you is quality stuff supporting quality people!

To kick things off, I’d like to talk about Ocean’s Originals; a wonderful brand of all natural skincare and beauty products to amp up your self care routine. Not only is everything all natural, it’s also hella affordable! From lip tint to body scrub, cuticle balm to roller ball perfumes, she has such a nice variety of self-care products that I just adore.

I have bought from Ocean many times, and never regretted a single purchase. Everything feels so quality, not to mention smells totally amazing! Personally, my favorites out of what I’ve tried are probably the lip conditioners and the cuticle balm, but I also really like the lip scrubs and Luscious Lashes oil. Just to be clear, I have not tried all the products she offers! But I can totally vouch for the ones I have, as they have all been wonderful additions to my skincare regime.

Image of Lemon Lime Cuticle Balm

Here’s a few words from the creator herself:

My name is Ocean! I’m 22 & live in Illinois. I’ve been creating since October 2017. I love creating all types of self care items, especially lip care! I strive to be as eco friendly and low waste as possible in every aspect of my business! It’s extremely important to me to be low waste in every aspect & I’m actively finding ways to reduce waste while providing the best products!


You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, or check out her products at her website.


Anyways, I hope you consider giving Ocean’s wonderful products a try, and I hope you have a great Saturday!


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  1. To anticipate some questions:

    1. Athena does not (and will not) ask small businesses to send her free product in exchange for an appearance on this feature. Unless otherwise noted, products Athena mentions here that she has tried were purchased.

    2. Likewise, Athena does not (and will not) promote small businesses in this feature in exchange for money or other consideration. If some consideration is offered to help facilitate the writing of an entry, that consideration will be noted in the entry.

    3. However, if a small business wishes to send product for her consideration, they may do so by following the site’s publicity guidelines. Please note sending anything does not put Athena (or John, for that matter) under obligation to review or note the product.

  2. Nice idea.

    I confess that I had to look up lip scrub. My first reaction was “ouch”!

  3. [Deleted because copyediting suggestions are not the purview of the audience, thanks — JS]

  4. Hi, Athena, and wecome to the blog. I really enjoy what you have to say, but as a PR copywriter and erstwhile TV journalist, I have to say that exclamation points rock! Especially when writing about stuff you love! So keep blasting them out! Or don‘t, it‘s your show! Cheers! Good to have you here!

  5. I‘m wondering if I may write that this topic is so far away from the otherwise interesting articles here, that I can only utter „whatever“. Awaiting incoming unlikes.

  6. Really glad your dad is giving you the spotlight and helping you grow as a writer! Also, I love the idea of supporting small businesses and sharing your likes with the world.

  7. Andreas:

    I was not aware that you were being held at gunpoint and forced to read this article against your will.

    Otherwise, and for the edification of everyone, when it comes to Athena’s posts here, as with mine, she writes about what is interesting to her, and you get what you get. If it’s not to your liking, you are free not to read the entry, or the site.

  8. It never even entered my usually cynical mind that this review could be one of the standard “pay to play” endorsements. Apparently I hold you both in high regard!

  9. I’m trying Ocean’s Originals – I’ll let you know how it goes. Something else you might do if you think it a good plan; when you were writing for Whatever the summer before last, you wrote about the website Entertaining with Beth, which inspired me to check it out. (Thank you for the recommendation, btw.) Perhaps you would consider reviewing/recommending other, similar websites? And as a return, may I recommend to you,

  10. It’s less about violence and more about expectation management. I didn’t expect an entry here to be uninteresting. Now I stand corrected and edified to brace for proper selection.

  11. I was expecting salty comments along the lines of “I don’t come here to read about make-up, I come here to read JS’ thoughts on pew pew.”

    So I’m glad that isn’t happening. I also hope that this blog entry ultimately helps the above mentioned stereotypes with their skincare regime. They probably need it, I certainly do.

  12. Athena, it’s nice that you’re able to support businesses you like in this way. I’m generally cautious with mail order since postage to my location can be ridiculous, and info about that is not easily findable on Ocean’s site. Since you’re happy with them, is it safe to presume that you’ve found their shipping costs reasonable?

  13. Athena shows us that you can’t go wrong if you “write what you know” and “write what you care about.”

    Athena, I’m not a woman myself, but if you care, then I care… And your dad cares!

  14. Athena, thanks for the Ocean’s Originals review! You might also want to try making your own lip balm. It’s very easy, quite inexpensive, the ingredients are all-natural (beeswax and olive oil)… and maybe best of all, you get to choose your own flavors. You’ll find illustrated instructions at the URL below, along with instructions for casting scented soaps. (Both make great gifts.)

  15. My first thought was “That’s not what I expect on Whatever.”
    My second was “What part of ‘Whatever’ don’t you understand?”
    So keep rocking it you two.

  16. OMG I did not realize this was an Athena post and I was completely, utterly confused! Baffled even. You would think I’d have figured it out by the time we got to “hella affordable,” but no, sadly no. I was picturing John with his Luscious Lashes and was *just not getting it.* (I thought it was a prank, actually.) I’m going to have to stop giggling and try reading it again. Thanks for the tip!

  17. Those lip balms remind me of Bonnie Bell lip smackers, which were so very 70’s. Must get some.

  18. @Pamela Adams: “Bonnie Bell lip smackers”

    OMG, those were SO sticky. But they did smell good. ;)

  19. Athena: My internet/power has been out since hurricane Isaias, but I wanted to cheer your clothes sizing post. And to add that why is there no link between underpants and trouser sizes, because apparently if I need a petite size in trousers (for shortness–a problem you dodged) I’m supposed to wear my underpants right up to my bosom, or falling off my hips. Ugh.

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