I, Too, Have Music to Share Today

Perhaps a tad grungier than Athena’s contribution, but heck, that’s fine. Enjoy (and if you like it, click through to the band’s Bandcamp page).

— JS

6 Comments on “I, Too, Have Music to Share Today”

  1. This is making me want to look for some King Missile. I think it might turn out to be one of *those* weekends at this rate.

  2. We are all love blaseball. The commissioner is doing a great job.

    For anyone who’s not familiar, this is fantastic fan art for the game Blaseball (https://blaseball.com), a lightly absurdist text-based internet splorts simulator that quickly developed a passionate fan community. (e.g. https://www.polygon.com/features/2020/8/6/21357131/blaseball-fans-absurd-baseball-sim-the-game-band). It’s currently on a break because the dev team and servers were overwhelmed by their success, but I highly recommend it because it leads to things like this.

    Go Jazz Hands! 👐

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