Daily Archives: August 22, 2020

Thoughts on Pixel Buds 2: The Buddening

The second generation of the Pixel Buds wireless headphones have been out for a while and I’ve been interested in picking up a pair, since I have the previous iteration and was looking to upgrade. However, I wanted to get them in the Oh-So-Orange color, which only became available this last week (they will match […]

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On the Occasion of Ray Bradbury’s 100th Birthday: “Meeting the Wizard”

It’s Ray Bradbury’s 100th birthday today, so to note the day, I’m reposting the essay I wrote about meeting him when I was twelve, which was featured in the Subterranean Press special, expanded edition of The Martian Chronicles. It was written while he was still alive, and I know he read it. It makes me […]

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