Daily Archives: August 25, 2020

Sunset, 8/25/20

We’ve had some good ones lately, but this one seems especially evocative. — JS

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I Wrote a Deeply Not Good Piece Today, So Rather Than Inflicting It On You, Here’s a Binging With Babish About a Burrito

Seriously, I wrote it, scheduled it, reread it, went ooooooh, nooooo, trashed and deleted it, and now no one will ever know its contents but me. Also, inasmuch as this episode of Binging With Babish is about a burrito, it was on point. Also also, I would totally make this, except without the 2 million […]

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Athena Recommends: Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a game I’ve quickly become obsessed with. Released earlier this month, Fall Guys is the newest and bestest version of a Battle Royale game. It is also the cutest and most colorful game I’ve seen in a while, and I am definitely one for aesthetically pleasing visuals. I mean, the little dudes […]

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