Athena Recommends: Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a game I’ve quickly become obsessed with. Released earlier this month, Fall Guys is the newest and bestest version of a Battle Royale game. It is also the cutest and most colorful game I’ve seen in a while, and I am definitely one for aesthetically pleasing visuals. I mean, the little dudes you play as are just adorable Jell-O-like blobs with eyes in cute costumes! Who doesn’t love that.

Basically the goal is to run and jump your way to the finish line of an obstacle course and to qualify for the next race, which means finishing before a certain number of people. Other than the obstacle courses, though, there are also team games, which are extremely efficient at eliminating a lot of people in one go. There’s even a “logic” game (though it’s not very difficult, all things considered). My personal favorite of these is the obstacle courses, because I’m not much of a team player, and if your team loses it doesn’t matter how well you did individually, you still get the boot.

Though extremely fun and entertaining, this game is also pretty rage inducing (or maybe I just inherited gamer rage from my father). I’d say the most irritating thing is other people’s ability to fuck you up. If they bump into you, grab you, push you even a smidge to the right, it could be game over for you, all because someone knocked you off the edge or pushed you into a ball rolling downhill towards you. So while I’ve had to seriously suppress the desire to throw my controller, I’ve also had a ton of fun playing.

Also there are different colors and costumes you can unlock! I know if you download it on the PS4 you get a free costume; I’m not sure about Steam, though. The more you level up, the more neat stuff you unlock. Personally, I’m not much of a costume person, I’m more for the patterns on the skin.

Anyways, this is honestly just a fun little time-waster that kids and adults alike can enjoy. It’s free on the PS4 if you have PS Plus, otherwise it’s only twenty smackaroos, which isn’t so bad!

If you have played it, or end up trying it, I’d love to hear if you enjoy it as much as I do! Or if you’re as ridiculously addicted as I am…

And as always, have a great day!


7 Comments on “Athena Recommends: Fall Guys”

  1. This game is ridiculous fun, but all forms of Tail Tag should die forever (until they fix the net code).

    Also, why don’t people know how see-saws work????

  2. My husband and a couple of friends are playing it and yes, it for sure makes them want to throw a controller often. Husband isn’t the best at it but he enjoys it for about 40 minutes at a time before he wants to throw things, so I figure that’s a good time lol.

  3. Just installed it to play with my sons. The aesthetics looks a little like Among Us (blobby little people), which is a fun game.

  4. hmmm… adding to list of next month’s purchases…


  5. Hi.
    Me and my wife both loved Fall Guys.
    We laugh a lot.
    But we don’t into rage, ’cause as she defined: “it’s a game developed for you to lose”.
    So, we love to run and jump with our “gordinhos” (in english it may be: fatties?)

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