I Wrote a Deeply Not Good Piece Today, So Rather Than Inflicting It On You, Here’s a Binging With Babish About a Burrito

Seriously, I wrote it, scheduled it, reread it, went ooooooh, nooooo, trashed and deleted it, and now no one will ever know its contents but me. Also, inasmuch as this episode of Binging With Babish is about a burrito, it was on point. Also also, I would totally make this, except without the 2 million scoville unit hot sauce, because why ruin a perfectly good meat tornado that way. Enjoy.

— JS

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

19 replies on “I Wrote a Deeply Not Good Piece Today, So Rather Than Inflicting It On You, Here’s a Binging With Babish About a Burrito”

Joke burritos are jokes, not burritos. Whatever happened to seasoned meat and some beans? Whatever happened to ‘taste’? Sorry. Since my favorite Tex-Mex place closed I have taken the veil…

Better to weep with laughter, shed a sympathetic tear with Dana, and suffer a bit of Pavlovian eye waterage over the excess of hot sauce, than the alternative.

Every time I hear the phrase “COVID cluster,” I think “confectionery.” Creamy chocolate maple walnut clove & cinnamon type of confectionery, if ya wanna get specific. Maybe with spikes (yesss) of crunchy caramel. I’d rip the veil off for that, you betcha.

That looks good.

Though I’m firmly of the opinion that if it has a measurement in Scovilles, and isn’t in single/double digits, it’s really not something that should be in (my) food.

Life’s far too short to be torturing yourself with food. Gah.

2020: the year of the self replicating dumpster fire

At some point, it doesnt really matter what is burning -inside- the dumpster.

Also, at some point, we need to do something about the industrial scale lying that goes on at fox news, facebook, q anon conspiracy sites, covid19 conspiracy sites, and so on. These propaganda sites are like huge sources of gasoline and oxygen for the fires.

Formerly Just Craig: That doesn’t need a burrito, that needs more alcohol than is consistent with continued existence or serious dissociative drugs.

Half of me wishes this would all make sense and the other half is scared of what would have to happen to me for it to do so.

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