Sunset Clouds, 8/27/20

The clouds are dark, but underneath they are bright orange, rose and yellow.

Missed the actual sunset, but I think this is an acceptable substitute. Enjoy.

— JS

7 Comments on “Sunset Clouds, 8/27/20”

  1. Best Sunset Photo Ever!! The shapes of the clouds mirror the shapes of the barn very nicely, with the barn reflecting all that blue, and I love the way the blues and reds highlight the golden yellow. That gold looks very good here.

  2. Kodachrome color filter? Nice photo, cloud photos seem to sometimes benefit from a more flat topography.

    Also: Love the tin roof reflecting the dark blue of the evening sky! Well done, so multi-talented!

  3. hmmm… a new mode of export… help Ohio with it’s trade imbalance with China and UK… though I doubt even FEDEX has a big shipping envelope…

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