My Brain Is Empty So Here’s Some Flower Pictures

Howdy! I hope everyone had a nice weekend, and if you didn’t, I hope the next one is better. I don’t really have a lot going on in my head right now, so I thought I’d share some photos of mine for those of you who don’t have Instagram or don’t follow me (which, no hard feelings if you don’t). So here’s just a couple I think are pretty!

I took this at Stillwater Preserve, down the road from my house.

This one is actually over a year old! I took this at Cedar Point when I went with my friend last summer. Kind of funny I went to Cedar Point and the only picture I took was of leaves…

And here is the Atlantic Ocean! More specifically, Topsail Island in North Carolina.

I took this one over a year ago as well, while on a walk with my friend in the woods outside of Oxford.

It had just stopped raining when I took this one. I think raindrops on flower petals is just one of the most beautiful sights to behold.

Well anyways there’s your daily dose of nature pictures, if you hadn’t already gotten it today! Have a great day!


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  1. Lovely flowers and other things. I actually know Topsail Island; we have a friend who lives in Raleigh, and Topsail Island is her favoritest place. When we exchange Christmas trinkets, 9 out of 10 times she will send TI shirts.

  2. Brain emptiness strikes every few hours around my place. Science wants to know whether it’s the result of a leak, or from burning up what was inside.

  3. There are bugs on your flowers!  And this is a good thing!  Bugs, busy bugs, have their part in bringing us flowers; also in clearing away old flowers to make way for new flowers.  In fact, you might take photos of bugs that only incidentally happen to be staged on flowers.  All the world’s a flower, and all the men and women merely bugs upon it (as someone who happens to be me just said).

  4. I like bugs too. And save the bees. Also, I don’t care about spots on my apples, so I’m glad the green leaves from Stillwater had some brown spots. I am glad you didn’t try to photoshop the spots.

  5. How did you discover Topsail? Although I live in DE now, I was born in NC, and still visit Topsail every year with family.

  6. Stillwater Preserve is one of my favorite quiet places. I wrote a (very bad) Star Trek novel strolling that boardwalk. I miss it…

  7. Awesome photos! I’m glad you posted them here for us to enjoy. You definitely have an eye for composition. I don’t do Instagram, even if I did I would feel a little weird following you outside of the Whatever Blog context since that is all I know you from. I think you’re about the same age as my youngest (He’s 21, today is his birthday!) and he could barely stand me friending him on facebook. I’m too old to be cool I guess.

  8. My usual wallpaper is one of your Dads latest sunset / sunrise pix, but I think I may resize the fungi and use that for a while, hope you don’t mind. I change it out for something new pretty regularly, about every week or so.

  9. This is the first article where I was surprised by the authorship. The title is typical of our senior host.

  10. Stillwater Prairie is a cool place. Years ago it was my dog’s favorite place–he especially liked the trail at the bottom that crosses the river. He thought he was big stuff splashing across that, ha.

    Your shot of the leaves are hostas, by the way, in case you weren’t sure.

  11. Yay Cedar Point! My wife and I honeymooned on an island on the lake, Put-In Bay, and on our way back to Oberlin to visit her parents before we headed home, we stopped by the amusement park and rode ALL of the wood roller coasters for the day! Had just a tremendous time. The island had an underground geode that you could walk in to! They had been drilling for a well and hit a void: further exploration found a cave that was a great big geode – instant tourist attraction. It wasn’t a pretty geode color, but still, we walked INSIDE a geode!

    I commend to you the coast of Maine when the current plague is over. Very photographic. In particular, I’d recommend Cape Elizabeth and Ongonquit, at least that’s where I’ve been personally. In the former they have a little shack selling something called lobster rolls, it’s like a hotdog bun stuffed with lobster pieces that is incredibly delicious.

  12. Seeing an ocean photo by an “Ohio kid” reminds me of an anecdote about a friend. (Of course, everything reminds me of something else.) He grew up on a farm in Iowa but hung out with grad students at U of Iowa. One of them, a Brit, invited him visit England. They went to an English seaside town, and my friend stood and gazed for a long time. The Brit said, “What’s so fascinating?” And my Iowan friend said, “I’ve never seen the ocean before; I grew up 1500 miles from the nearest ocean,” which sort of gobsmacked the Brit.

  13. I grew up near the Pacific Ocean. The first time I ever saw the Atlantic was from Holland when I was stationed with NATO.

    I have sister regiments in Eastern Canada and Britain. We all had a regimental birthday parade in Britain. The British were surprised when my Canadian counterpart and I had never met before, as it was easier for us to rendezvous in Britain.

    So now when I meet someone from Australia or New Zealand I ask if they have been to each other’s country. “Yes,” if they are travellers, “no” if I am meeting them at some big world-class event.

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