Daily Archives: September 2, 2020

A Quick Note on the Malleting of Comments

Folks: I’ve recently begun to see an upswing in comments which begin with some variation of “I expect this comment to be deleted/malleted/otherwise expunged, but…” I think this is done for two reasons. About five percent of the time it’s someone genuinely not knowing whether what they’re about to write is going to cross the […]

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My 2020 (Virtual) Dragon Con Schedule

This was the year I was meant to be the literary Guest of Honor at Dragon Con in Atlanta, but then the plague happened, so this weekend I will be at home. But! I will also be at Dragon Con! As literary Guest of Honor! Because it like every other convention has gone virtual this […]

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The Big Idea: Tim Akers

There’s the book you’re meant to write, and then there’s the book you write because it just seems like it would be more fun. Guess which book Knight Watch is! Author Tim Akers is here to explain how it came to be. TIM AKERS: Knight Watch wasn’t the book I was supposed to be writing. […]

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