My 2020 (Virtual) Dragon Con Schedule

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This was the year I was meant to be the literary Guest of Honor at Dragon Con in Atlanta, but then the plague happened, so this weekend I will be at home. But! I will also be at Dragon Con! As literary Guest of Honor! Because it like every other convention has gone virtual this year, and I have done programming for it (along with hundreds of other writers, creators and celebrities) so you will have something fun to do with your Labor Day weekend. And yes, it is free to attend!

What’s on my schedule? In chronological order:, and all times Eastern:

Friday, 3:15am (yes, that’s am): DJ Scalzi! Yes, I’m DJing two hours of dance music in the deepest, deadest part of night! I’ve got an animated disco ball Zoom background and everything. Music includes big ol’ dance hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 21st century. If you’re up, come on over and get moving.

Saturday, 1pm: John Scalzi – Tour of an Author’s Life (and Kitchen): I’m interviewed by Brian Richardson about my life and career, in three locations in my house: My office, my basement music nook, and also my kitchen, where, yes, burritos are made. Be prepared for tortilla-wrapped greatness. This will also be rebroadcast at 5:30am Sunday.

Monday, 9am: Award Winning and Best-Selling Authors: I’m on a panel with Jody Lynn Nye, Bill Fawcett, Tamsin Silver and Robert J. Sawyer and we talk about, not surprisingly, awards and selling books.

Also: my book The Last Emperox is a finalist for the Dragon Award in the category of Best Science Fiction Novel. If you would like to vote for it, or indeed any other of the very fine finalists in that category and any other, go here and sign up to do so. You can do that through September 4.

Here’s the entire Dragon Con 2020 schedule (pdf link). And to see the events, head over to the Dragon Con site.

See you there this weekend!

— JS

5 Comments on “My 2020 (Virtual) Dragon Con Schedule”

  1. Because I suspect it will be a common question, and as I’ve just looked it up on DragonCon’s website: according to their Quick Start guide events will stream live for free from DragonCon’s website, Vimeo, YouTube and a Roku channel. After the event, you can re-watch events with their Streaming Membership for $10.

  2. Thank you, Richard. I was just muttering that DragonCon was making it stupidly hard to figure out how much it would cost to participate.

  3. Why is the dance party at such a weird time? Is that for continuity with New Zealand?

    This is not a complaint—just curious.

  4. I was hoping they had learned a lesson from San Diego. It was great seeing Jim Butcher interviewed form his bed, but the main draw of convention panels is interacting with the fans, and pre-recorded stuff just doesn’t have the same live feel. Oh well, I look forward to seeing the Scalzi Compound.

  5. I’m glad I’ll have a chance to see you virtually, but do hope you make it to the ATL in person when this darn pandemic is over.

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