Daily Archives: September 14, 2020

The Big Idea: Paul Michael Anderson

Assassination isn’t always personal, sometimes it’s just business. And sometimes the people carrying out the business are from a different dimension and are dressed like nightmarish monsters. It’s all part of the gig in author Paul Michael Anderson’s newest sci-fi/horror novel,¬†Standalone. PAUL MICHAEL ANDERSON: At the kick-off of what I’ve been calling The Standalone Promo […]

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“Murder By Other Means” #1 on Audible’s “Top Audible Plus Listens” List

Well, this is a lovely way to start the week: Murder By Other Means, the sequel to The Dispatcher, has topped Audible’s new “Top Audible Plus Listens” chart, across all categories, not just science fiction and fantasy. This is the equivalent of topping the best seller chart, since the Audible Plus service includes access to […]

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