“Murder By Other Means” #1 on Audible’s “Top Audible Plus Listens” List

A screenshot of "Murder" on top of the "Audible Plus Listens" chart.

John ScalziWell, this is a lovely way to start the week: Murder By Other Means, the sequel to The Dispatcher, has topped Audible’s new “Top Audible Plus Listens” chart, across all categories, not just science fiction and fantasy. This is the equivalent of topping the best seller chart, since the Audible Plus service includes access to the titles in the cost of the service itself, or, if you like, sort of the aural equivalent of being on Netflix’s “Most Watched” list. However you want to slice it, it’s pretty great.

Obviously, much of the credit here has to go to Zachary Quinto, who once again nails the narration, and to Audible for letting its subscribers know the story was there. And obviously to everyone who has been listening to it (including you, if you’re one of those folks). A little of that credit goes to me, too, however. Because I’m not gonna lie, I wrote a pretty good story this time around. I hope you’ll check it out if you haven’t already, either through Audible, or through the print/ebook edition that will come out from Subterranean Press in 2021.

In the meantime, I’m gonna enjoy being on the top of the heap. It’s a nice view! I’m happy Murder got there.

— JS

11 Comments on ““Murder By Other Means” #1 on Audible’s “Top Audible Plus Listens” List”

  1. I just finished listening to both “Dispatcher” novellas back to back and enjoyed them immensely! Is the Subterranean volume going to include both novellas? I would assume so, but thought I’d ask. Quinto really nailed the Tony Valdez character and the mood of the stories with his reading. Congratulations on being number one!

  2. I enjoyed The Dispatcher immensely, so I was very excited about a sequel. Since I don’t have one of the new plans that gave access to the Plus content I spent a credit on Murder By Other Means, and it was worth it! I’ll eagerly be looking out for a Subterranean Press edition when the time comes.

  3. I have so many questions about this universe, some of which were answered in this latest novela. Some that weren’t: How does people coming back from being killed affect the military and war in general? How does that affect diplomatic relations? Same for auto racing or really any sport where the odds of getting killed are high.

  4. Haha you could say “I’m happy murder got me there” like Louis D’Ascoyne in KIND HEARTS AND CORONETS.

  5. Listened to the new dispatcher novella on Sunday. I thought it was very good and I enjoyed it.

    I couldn’t listen to it on the Audible app on my PC but I was able to log into my audible account on the browser and use their cloud player. I wonder if that is related to the new Dispatcher novella being part of the new service Audible has and it is not compatible with the app (even though I made sure I had the latest version). **shrugs**

  6. I downloaded it yesterday. it’s currently in my reading queue. Now if I can only get some time to do something other than prepare for school opening!

  7. Just finished MBOM today after re-listening to The Dispatcher to reacquaint myself with the universe. Both are great, but IMHO, MBOM is even better because it delves further into the fascinating possibilities of your ingenious world creation.

    May we have some more please?

  8. Congratulations! Looks like I will have to renew my Audible subscription lol. I dropped it as a cost-cutting measure after losing my job due to Covid but miss the content and want to read your sequel to “The Dispatcher”!

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