Hey, I’m Doing an Audible Live Event Tomorrow (9/24/20)

An advertisement for me, featuring a photo of me, taken by me.

In which I will discuss my Number One Top Audible Plus Listen(ed to) audiobook Murder By Other Means, and other things about writing and life and cats and stuff and things. If you’re not doing anything tomorrow (September 24, 2020) at 8pm ET, come on by. And if you are doing something at the time, if you find it boring and inexorable, then fake a charley horse to get out of it, and then come see me do my thing. Simple!

— JS

6 Comments on “Hey, I’m Doing an Audible Live Event Tomorrow (9/24/20)”

  1. uhhh, Audible’s a big place. Will there be some sort of direct link posted closer to the actual event? The link in this post goes to the book’s audible page. Would that be a good place to start in tracking down the interview.

  2. For all your fans who are hard of hearing, is there any technology by which they could access this content?

  3. I enjoyed hearing you. Now I have a John Scalzi voice to imagine when I read you here.

    Your insight into “written for audio” versus “written for print” was most enlightening. He said.

    I’m looking forward to Dispatcher #3.

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