Daily Archives: September 30, 2020

The Big Idea: Rebecca Coffindaffer

Sometimes, despite all your efforts to the contrary, you have to think about being the hero. Or so author Rebecca Coffindaffer might argue, in the context of her novel Crownchasers. REBECCA COFFINDAFFER: I love a reluctant hero. I’ve loved them ever since I sat, wide-eyed, as my dad read The Fellowship of the Ring out […]

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A White Supremacist, For White Supremacists, Counting on White Supremacists

Last night, after catching up with a debate that it turns out I was 100% correct not to watch live, and thus still have a TV that’s functional because I didn’t throw something heavy at it, I wrote this on Twitter: (checks news) So basically the big news of the debate is a white supremacist […]

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