Six Views of Scalzi, 10/3/20

Six black and white photos of John Scalzi, in various poses.

Yup, I’m playing with lenses and photo editing software again! Because it’s fun, that’s why. Also portraiture is inherently interesting for itself, and I’m usually willing to pose for myself whenever I want, unlike the cats and some humans in the house.

Hope you’re enjoying your first Saturday of October 2020. If you can, it’s a good day to take easy.

— JS

13 Comments on “Six Views of Scalzi, 10/3/20”

  1. Yes, excellent day because I just listened to a author interview with Martha Wells, and then a reading from Fugitive Telemetry–the next Murderbot story. It’s not out until next spring. Both were through C’monfluence, going on this weekend.

  2. #5 looks like a reaction to a kitty doing something they shouldn’t. I am sure they are totally ignoring your reaction.

  3. I
    Among many sleeping cats,
    The only moving thing
    Was the eye of the Scalzi.

    I was of six minds,
    Like an album
    In which there are six Scalzis.

    with apologies to Wallace Stevens

  4. Speaking of photos … just got the hardcover edition of your latest book, and the photo of you and Smudge on the dust jacket is just *chef’s kiss*.

  5. Granny Roberta – I think the ones on the left are portraits which could be used as publicity photos. Lower left is conventional, upper left is a bit more interesting – it’s actually the one I would pick. Which of those did you find creepy?

  6. If that is not the paragon of masculine beauty I don’t know what could possibly be.

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