Six Views of Scalzi, 10/3/20

Yup, I’m playing with lenses and photo editing software again! Because it’s fun, that’s why. Also portraiture is inherently interesting for itself, and I’m usually willing to pose for myself whenever I want, unlike the cats and some humans in the house.

Hope you’re enjoying your first Saturday of October 2020. If you can, it’s a good day to take easy.

— JS

13 Comments on “Six Views of Scalzi, 10/3/20”

  1. Yes, excellent day because I just listened to a author interview with Martha Wells, and then a reading from Fugitive Telemetry–the next Murderbot story. It’s not out until next spring. Both were through C’monfluence, going on this weekend.

  2. I
    Among many sleeping cats,
    The only moving thing
    Was the eye of the Scalzi.

    I was of six minds,
    Like an album
    In which there are six Scalzis.

    with apologies to Wallace Stevens

  3. Speaking of photos … just got the hardcover edition of your latest book, and the photo of you and Smudge on the dust jacket is just *chef’s kiss*.

  4. Granny Roberta – I think the ones on the left are portraits which could be used as publicity photos. Lower left is conventional, upper left is a bit more interesting – it’s actually the one I would pick. Which of those did you find creepy?

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