Daily Archives: October 6, 2020

RIP, Eddie Van Halen

The news, from the Los Angeles Times. He could do things with a guitar that literally nobody else could do, and possibly no one else will do again. As they say, there goes part of my youth. May he rest in peace. — JS

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The Scalzi Endorsement: Joe Biden

Inasmuch as I have, in fact, already voted for Joe Biden, I think it’s both safe and reasonable to come out and endorse the man to be President of the United States. I also think it’s reasonable to point out that this endorsement will not precisely be the most fulsome and ringing endorsement that I […]

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Family Early Voting Time!

This year there are many good reasons to vote early, but for the Scalzi family, two stood out, one practical and one existential. The existential reason is that this year out of all other election years voting is under attack, specifically by the party in the White House and by the president, who has already […]

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