Daily Archives: October 7, 2020

Let’s Get Cooking

As many of you probably already know, I love cooking. I especially love baking, but both are great activities that I enjoy very much and have considered making a career out of. One of the things I’ve considered doing is food blogging, or cooking videos on YouTube or something of the sort! Or even just […]

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Quick Krissy Surgery Update

I noted yesterday that Krissy was going in for a minor surgery today, which I know prompted some curiosity and concern. Here’s the scoop: She had a bunion that needed attending to, and this morning she went in and they did whatever they needed to do to fix it. It was done in a couple […]

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The Big Idea: Sean Patrick Hazlett

It might not surprise you that the stories in the fantasy collection Weird World War III have at least some basis in reality — the Cold War actually was thing, after all. But what might surprise you is which things were based in reality. Editor Sean Patrick Hazlett is here to lay all the weirdness […]

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