Quick Krissy Surgery Update

Krissy, today.

I noted yesterday that Krissy was going in for a minor surgery today, which I know prompted some curiosity and concern. Here’s the scoop: She had a bunion that needed attending to, and this morning she went in and they did whatever they needed to do to fix it. It was done in a couple of hours, there were no problems or complications, and she’s home now. For the next couple of weeks will be working from home, keeping her leg elevated, and tootling about the house with a knee scooter. After that she’ll be good as new. I took the picture above a few minutes ago; as you can see she’s doing fine.

That’s pretty much it! Except that both Krissy and I appreciate the good wishes folks sent her way. Thank you for those.

— JS

32 Comments on “Quick Krissy Surgery Update”

  1. Glad she’s doing well! Best wishes to her, and to all of you at Team Scalzi.

  2. Hope she recovers quickly and that until then, she makes you wait on her hand and foot.

  3. I don’t know why but the idea of surgery on my foot freaks me out more than almost anything. Well, except surgery on my eyes, but I’ve done that one now (PRK) and it wasn’t as terrible as I feared.

    At any rate, I’m glad to hear Krissy’s surgery went well and I wish her a speedy recovery!

  4. Best wishes for Krissy’s speedy recovery.

    When my wife had similar bunion surgery some years ago, it happened to be on Bring Your Daughter To Work Day, so she had the podiatrist’s 12-year old daughter as an observer. Don’t know if the girl thought it was icky or neat, but Hilde thought it was kinda a cool thing.

  5. Here’s wishing you a very fast and easy recovery, Ms. Scalzi! I recommend getting a large hand-bell in order to summon your staff – erm, I mean your family – whenever you need assistance. I also suggest that you might want to refrain from kicking anyone for at least a week or so, no matter how much they may annoy you. Feel better soon!

  6. I don’t know about those knee scooter races. We had a couple of folks in the office on them back when we were actually in the office and they cause many minor injuries and wall damage

  7. Glad it went well.

    When she’s done with the scooter your next fundraiser should be to ride the scooter down your driveway (I think there’s a hill?). Increasingly ridiculous clothes as the raised amount rises.

  8. I have a bunion but it hasn’t given me problems so I hope it stays that way! Glad she’s doing well.

  9. Delighted to hear it! I hope that her recovery goes without a hitch, and that the pets don’t get too accustomed to her presence that they are miffed when she goes back to work…

  10. Best wishes to Krissy for a quick and thorough recovery! My own bunionectomy recovery was definitely improved by the presence of a knee scooter and a very helpful husband :)

  11. Hope Krissy has a speedy recovery. I had bunion surgery a few years ago. Keep it elevated. Listen to the doctor and learn how to scoot down the stairs on your behind. It’s amazing how much you miss having two working feet.

  12. I’m glad the surgery went well & she’s home recovering.

    I need the same surgery but the VA doc keeps saying “oh, we don’t do those – you can learn to live with it”. Maybe once there is a full admin change I’ll get to be part of the bunion club.

    My best to Krissy.

  13. I have to say, having used a knee scooter a couple of times, after various foot procedures I learned how fun that can be. Be careful taking curves at speed. Fun but dangerous. All kidding aside, glad to hear that it was a relatively safe procedure. Please give her my best.

  14. Glad to hear that it went well. Knee scooters seem kinda awesome…if you don’t NEED them. If you do, less cool and more useful, but still…

  15. I did not know what a bunion was, although I’ve heard of them of course, so I looked it up and discovered it’s what I have on my right foot. Fortuitously I have a rheumatologist appointment next week, so there’s another thing to ask her about.

  16. Best wishes from me too, a fellow foot-surgery survivor. And I appreciate the update. As a regular reader here, I feel involved, even though I know I don’t actually know you all. But it feels that way. I’m still anxious about whatever the not-good year was in the afterword of one of the books. Apparently whatever the issue was, was resolved. But I was in church lighting candles. Do candles at home carry the same weight? Anyhow, I’m glad to know all is well on the bunion front.

  17. Swift healing to Krissy. I had bunion surgery done about ten years ago. Other than then the crutches (which terrified the dog–no one even suggested a knee scooter in those far off days) and binging a lot of old TV in the first day or two, recovery was easy and the results satisfactory. May it be so for her.

  18. Knee scooters are da bomb. I broke an ankle and the doctor just gave me stupid crutches but the tech said I should get a scooter and he was right. Never used the crutches, spent 6 weeks going everywhere on the scooter. Put a bicycle basket on to carry stuff. Also a bicycle bell to warn people to get outta my way. No way to clip a playing card into spokes, however.

    Kitties hated it, though. Yours are made of sterner stuff (as is your wife) so it should go better.