I Feel You, Julie Nolke

The third time-traveling installment.

The other two have been posted here before, but in case you missed them, here they are, and in reverse chronological order:

Looking forward to/vaguely dreading what I assume will be the final installment, sometime in December.

— JS

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  1. Ha! December the end? What are you THINKING? We all thought all we had to do was get through the summer…

  2. I only just recently discovered Julie Nolke’s channel due to a cross-over with Ryan George (they guy who does the “Pitch Meeting” videos for Screenrant and many funny videos on his personal channel), and yeah, she has a lot of really good stuff, including, obviously, this little series.

    Definitely worth a subscribe for anyone who wants to add more good stuff to their YouTube subscriptions. :)

  3. If Julie or the rest of us are still alive in December….

    I’m surprised June Julie didn’t just flop over on the table, start banging her head and waving a white flag.

  4. Excellent commentary on life in 2020 – I passed that on to a friend.
    You know, about 3 years from now, someone is going to be producing a disaster move titled “2020” in which sharknados, zombie uprisings and alien invasions move across the country – no, the planet! – and nobody notices.

  5. It reminds me of Dave Barry lamenting how he will even be able to do his annual Year in Review this year. I lived through 1968 but this year is a sh!tshow beyond anything in my lifetime.

  6. Every day, God rolls a natural 1, critical failure. And every day, the DM rolls and looks into his book of plagues, which is literally infinite, and selects some new horror.

    Just got informed i may have been exposed to someone who may have cv19. Again. Full quarantine, and going for a test, and waiting for results. Again.

    At this point, Godzilla could rise out of the sea, and it wouldnt shock me in the least. I’d probably be be like, oh, hey, you’re late, but come on in and pull up a chair with the other plagues.

    We could play Werewolf. Wait. No. The way things are going, you’d all be the werewolf.

    Lets just do Cards Against Humanity. Oh wait. We’re already playing. Well that ‘splains a lot.

  7. of course there’s an assumption there’s enough electricity and toilet paper and the internet is up and DHS has not arrested her (or me) for suspicion of disrespecting our fearless orange leader…

    hmmm… what could the world do to her next?

    missing an arm? borg eye implant? she’s involuntarily pregnant so GOP can harvest more fetal tissue to keep Trump & Co alive? seated in a smouldering crater toasting rat-on-a-stick? timelines converge into a honking huge crossover and Supergirl dies?

    oh… I got it!

    sound bite for my next Netflix script…

    a deranged narcissist on a cocktail of unproven drugs with control of nuclear weapons and fear of damning evidence might be revealed by subpoenas issued in NYC, lacking any trace of empathy…

    how this possibly go wrong?

    need mega FX budget for mushroom clouds

    so yeah, she’ll be in a smouldering crater

  8. Waiting for present Julie to say “Militia” and future Julie to say “terrorist group”. Have we had that episode yet?

  9. Ooh, how about past Julie talks about Trump’s “law and order” platform and future Julie has to stop and go “oh yeah, that was a thing during BLM protests, but he completely dropped it after a dozen right wing domestic terrorists were arrested for plotting to kidnap a governor.”

    Then pauses and says “i wasnt supposed to say that out loud”.

    That would be heeelarious.

  10. re. Frankendaisy – “At this point, Godzilla could rise out of the sea, and it wouldn’t shock me in the least. I’d probably be be like, oh, hey, you’re late, but come on in and pull up a chair with the other plagues. ”

    At this point I’d probably be one of those guys trying to stop the monster with a rifle…chomp!…

  11. If I can stretch the topic to General Angst About Everything Now…
    I’m currently reading The Only Plane In The Sky: An Oral History Of 9/11 (a harrowing book, but highly recommended). Early in the book, innocuous events are happening that the reader knows are leading inexorably to the collapse of the towers. And I have the feeling that a future book might start with those events and give a future reader that same feeling of an inexorable march to the collapse of our country.
    I hope I’m just speaking from depression.

  12. I had been thinking she wasn’t doing these anymore, because it had been waaaay more than two months since the last one. Nope. It’s just the nature of time in this Godawful year.

  13. @Frankendaisy except, he hasn’t dropped “Law and Order” he’s got an event tonight?
    It’s one of the things that the people in it don’t seem to realize has been perverted and moved off of where they thought it was. It used to be at least respectable, Law and Order candidate meant spending on law enforcement, penalties for crimes, etc. Now it’s got the toxic ideas like law enforcement is infallible, if an officer shoots someone they must have deserved it. But Trump, Republicans in general, and most right side voters don’t see it, they will continue to of any 2 candidates, go for the further right, because they fear communism and anarchy from any move to the left or even not moving further right.

  14. Okay, this was new.

    And Kevinrs, yeah, I think we got our Big Problem named right there.

    If things get any worse in specific ways? Canada will be permitted a choice of two fates: anschluss or blitzkrieg. This has been my fear since 2016…about geo-politics.

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