I Totally Forgot to Update the Site Today, So Here, Enjoy This Obscure Yet Tuneful Song

“Celebrity Sanctum,” by a profoundly unknown group with the unfortunate name of Dogs Die in Hot Cars. The song’s pretty nifty, however, the sort of tune XTC could bat out over lunch, because, well, XTC was like that. Enjoy.

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  1. Bloody hell, that’s a left field choice. There’s was an article in Vice recently about “Landfill Indie” which is basically a whole bunch of second or third rate (if we’re being generous) British bands filled with white boys with shaggy haircuts playing guitars that A&R went mad for in Britain (and Ireland to some degree I believe) in the early to mid aughts. You picking this feels very Baader-Meinhof to me, and really brings back a whole era for me.


  2. “Profoundly unknown”? – I’d assumed I was one of a great many fans. Perhaps now I will be!

  3. Aha! I know of these guys, but I suspect it’s only because I follow indie power pop stuff closely. I remember reading a review of one of their albums ages ago (around 2007?). As I recall, it was basically, “They’re really shooting themselves in the foot that off-putting name – which is too bad, because they’re really good.”

  4. I was expecting some atonal weirdness with a breathy female voice keeping time.

    This sounds oddly reminiscent of the stuff I used to hear on KIIS FM back in the 90s.

    It also sounds like something you might hear during the opening credits of a Romcom or teen drama.

    Catchy, though. :)

  5. Definitely XTC/Partridge-esque. Strange to hear the vocals stylistically so familiar in spots. Dissimilar to other acolytes like the Futureheads (more White Music/Drums and Wires)

  6. Their song “I Love You ‘Cause I Have To” is what brought me into the fold, many years ago.

  7. I picked up their album when it came out – several really good songs on it, including this one, “Godhopping,” and my favorite, “I Love You ‘Cause I Have To.”

  8. “Unfortunate”? I think the name is a great way to quitely bring attention to a problem.

  9. Shame they never did more than the one album. Pretty good pop stuff for sure. I put “I love you cause I have to” on multiple mix CDs (remember those lol). And very few bands or writers can touch the magic that is XTC.

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