This Just In: I Shaved

Me, smiling, clean-shaven

Why? Because, one, I was bored of my face as it previously was, and two, it’s been a couple of years since I saw my chin, and I was wondering how it was holding up. Turns out, it’s holding up okay! Also, the last time I was clean-shaven I was about 30 pounds heavier, and I was curious how losing that weight would affect my face. The answer is: Some, but not a whole lot — I still have jowls, for example, which I think is a natural consequence of having a 51-year-old face. Barring plastic surgery, which I’m not currently inclined to do, the jowls are here to stay. So it goes.

Me being me, I couldn’t resist making goofy faces, either, as evidenced by the following tweet:

It turns out I have a fairly rubbery face. The world lost a very fine character actor when I determined that I can’t actually, you know, act. Luckily the writing thing is doing okay for me.

I think I’ll stay clean-shaven for a bit; I made the effort of shaving, after all. Seems a shame not to let my chin get some sun.

— JS

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  1. I’ve worn a goatee since college; I’ve been hiding my chin for longer than I haven’t.

    It does come out to play every so often, when I make a shaving mistake. Tends to happen when I’m distracted – last time was about six years ago. I remember because it was the morning of a job interview. (I did get it, but left quickly for a much better gig.)

  2. Ah, but the really important question is what does Krissy think? After all, she has to look at your face more than you do.

  3. You look good. I at the age when I look at the mirror I see my grandfather staring back. I’m okay with that. He was kind and quiet soul.

  4. Just remember, John, you can always grow it back during National Beard Month, which is AKA November!

  5. There’s a really nice relaxed look to this one–it’s a remarkably striking picture of you. Compliments to you and the photographer :-). You might want to keep it in your pile of photos for when folks request one for convention websites, etc. Just sayin’.

  6. It’s sometimes amusing with as a trans woman to have the odd shaving story.

    You look good, sir!

  7. FWIW dep’t:
    I think that you look better without it.
    Takes years off and lets your laugh lines show.
    More importantly- what do The Boss and The Underboss think?

  8. The twitter photo reminds me of some Hitchcock portrait. His jowls were somewhat more exuberant though. But the slightly mad smirk really fits…

  9. Once a man is over 40…

    Yeah, just shave, unless you want to look like a Civil War soldier. Grey beard– It happens to all of us.

  10. Without a beard I don’t have a chin. Losing 70 pounds has helped a little with that, but I have a small goatee.

  11. Aww, I really liked the beard. Maybe it will come back some day. Until then, I’ll enjoy you without almost as much.

  12. I had worked for fifteen years before this past May when I got laid off (furloughed in March) because of COVID-19. Anyway, the job required me to shave everyday and when I was let go I grew a beard for the first time in those years. It took my wife sometime to get used to it, but she came around to the look. About a month ago I shaved it again for the hell of it just to see how I look. Well, I’ll say this: I’m growing it back again.

    For some reason I didn’t even notice that you shaved it when I saw that pic on Twitter before I headed over to here and you said that you shaved. Even though I’m so used to seeing you with it, you look good with and without.

  13. You look really great in that first picture and not at all creepy as in that recent photo set. I don’t THINK the facial hair made the creepiness? I hope not, because my (I THINK not at all creepy) beloved doesn’t shave.

  14. Jowls…well, there are facial exercises that might or might not do something. Basically the same thing as warm-up exercises for stage actors. Useful to do at this point mainly because it is easy to let deliberate facial expressions slide when you’re wearing a freaking mask all day.
    (Nice camera btw!!)

  15. Whoah! Who is that old guy and what did he do to John?


    I’ve had a mustache most of my adult life. It started in college ( was pretty feeble) and grew to be pretty lush by my 50’s.

    I only shaved it a couple of times; when I went in the service, once on a whim (my daughter, then about 3 screamed and cried ‘Put it back!’ NK), and a few months into my cancer treatment when it was looking shitty and I was feeling shitty (losing a battle with my hair, kind of a surrender).

    Since the c I’ve tried to get it back but it appears that it will never be as good as it was. At this point, I leave it there for the same reasons I wouldn’t shave my eyebrows. They belong to my face.

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