Daily Archives: October 15, 2020

Today In “I’m Occasionally Reminded I Live the Life of a Hermit, Even Without COVID As an Excuse”

I went into a bank for literally the first time in years.  Why would I do such a thing? Because Krissy, who usually does our banking, is currently laid up recuperating from her foot surgery (she’s doing great, thanks for asking, but she’s not up to doing errands out of the house yet) and I […]

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The Big Idea: Amanda Bridgeman

Ever feel like your tech knows too much about you? Like it’s literally in your head reading your thoughts? What if it was literally in your head? In Amanda Bridgeman’s newest novel, The Sensation, she explores a world in which neural implants are a reality, but much like the tech we have today, it might do more […]

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