October in Ohio

My house, frame by trees whose leaves are changing colors.

You know what, it’s not too bad. 

Hope you’re having a pleasant Sunday, folks.

— JS

11 Comments on “October in Ohio”

  1. Had a great day. Beautiful fall weather and the trees are turning along the W&OD trail from Reston to Leesburg.

  2. Nice land. Nice house. Love the porch.
    Pity about the President. Hope November redecorating plans fix that.

  3. As a once and future Ohioan I’d just note that you know it could be snowing next week. Though freezing rain is more likely in your chunk of the state. So enjoy!

  4. Beautiful scene. But there is a very important related question I’ve been thinking about. I sometime post pictures of local scenery and title them like you did here, “Minnesota in July”, but sometime “July in Minnesota”. I’m trying to figure out, is there a difference in meaning between those two forms?

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