Webtoon Recommendation Time: Freaking Romance

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Webtoon Recommendation Time! The time where I bring you the best webtoons around (in my opinion) and tell you to read them. Or, rather, try to give you reasons why you should read them.

cover art featuring Zylith and Zelan

Athena ScalziFor this round of recommendations, we have Freaking Romance, a romance/drama webtoon with some supernatural stuff thrown in! The last one I wrote about is taking a break after ending its second season, so I decided to start this one and let me tell you, I was hooked. Obsessed right from the beginning. It just draws you in and doesn’t let you go for the next 70 some episodes. The suspense, the anticipation, it’s a page turner for sure. Except it doesn’t exactly have pages.

The main character, Zylith, moves into a new apartment, only to find out it’s haunted by a ghost! A very handsome one, at that. But, that doesn’t seem to be quite right, he’s not exactly a ghost… and he turns out to be someone from another dimension. With their limited interactions through a tear in the space time continuum, is it possible to fall in love?

cover art featuring Zelan and Zylith

I absolutely adore romance webtoons, they’re for sure my favorite kind. And this one has the added element of parallel universes, which is super cool concept I’ve always liked.

This webcomic is humorous, relatable, adorable, fun, and all around just really interesting. Watching Zylith combat toxic, abusive relationships while forging new, loving ones is inspiring, and makes you admire Zylith for her strength. Besides being a strong, independent character, she’s also hilarious, creative, cute as a button, and a truly lovable main character.

The other characters are just as lovable, each having totally unique personalities that are fun to watch interact with each other. And there’s a cat! Named Mr. Purrfect! How could you not love a comic with a cat who has a pun for a name?

This is another webcomic where it’s evident the artist’s style changes a bit over time, but again, I’m all here for it! I absolutely adore the character designs so watching the artist improve on the appearance of the characters throughout the episodes is really awesome. Like I said, Zylith is adorable, meanwhile Verose is hot as heck, and Zelan is literal perfection. Honestly for me to try out a webcomic all you have to do is make your characters hot and I’ll give it a shot. Same goes for watching an anime.

But, for me to recommend one, it actually has to be good, of course. And let me tell you, you will not be disappointed if you give this one a chance. This is one of my favorites of all time, definitely top three! I implore you to start today, and let me know what you think in the comments! Check it out here, and make sure to go to the beginning!

Have a great day and enjoy this bonus picture of Zelan because he’s so freaking cute.

Zelan looking cute


13 Comments on “Webtoon Recommendation Time: Freaking Romance”

  1. Thanks! The last one was great, and I was just forlornly checking it for updates yesterday, so this is timely. =]

  2. Cool. I enjoyed your last recommendation – loved each time what I expected to happen didn’t. It was my first exposure to Webtoons, and started reading several other titles there since then. Thanks also for the soap rec – I picked up a few for my wife and I, and they just arrived yesterday – great stuff!

  3. The art’s not quite as detailed as the author’s previous efforts (though still very good), but the story is much better.

  4. I really enjoyed “Let’s Play” and I look forward to trying out this new recommendation.

    Thank you,

  5. I like both Let’s Play and Freaking Romance, so we might have similar tastes.
    Have you read Spirit Fingers on Webtoons? There’s a little bit of weirdness at the start with using mean nicknames that almost put me off it, but the story and art are great, and there are SEVERAL romances involved among all the characters.

    Oh, also, Gourmet Hound is a great one, and it’s finished, so there’s no cliffhangers or waiting for updates.

  6. As others, really enjoyed Let’s Play (even became a patron!), so I’ll give this one a shot. Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. I really enjoyed this, but then I got to (rot13 scrambled to prevent spoilers):

    Znl lbh jva gur urneg bs gur “sevraq” lbh’er xvffvat nabgure thl sbe.

    And damn, you had me at hello.

  8. Always interesting too be exposed by a younger generation to new ideas…I didn’t even _know_ there were such things as webtoons. Heck, I barely knew about telenovelas. Dunno how far I’ll get into this one…I really like the art and the characters I’ve seen so far, but I’m concerned that the plot might veer toward…what?…cyberharlequin romance? But for the moment, my main question is “what’s with Zylith’s string-of-pearls ethereal kitty ears?” Maybe I have to get further into it to find out…

  9. Webtoons have been my main reading material throughout the pandemic. I binge read Freaking Romance a few weeks ago and have been waiting for all the updates. :)
    Midnight Poppy Land is my current favorite, but this one is close. I love the story and art.

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