Foliage Break

Red and yellow leaves against a blank sky

Earlier today I wrote a piece about the election and it was soooooo tedious I decided I could not in good conscience inflict it on any of you. Instead, look, some foliage photos.

And yes, remember to vote if you have not already, but, nnnnnngh, I am so ready for this all to be done, and in the meantime: leaves.

Red leaves, green background

yellow and orange leaves, blank sky.

— JS

24 Comments on “Foliage Break”

  1. Dang. I was looking forward to seeing a tedious article from you about the election.

    There are so few of those out there these days.

  2. Or is the foliage a cleverly hidden message about the outcome of the election? Did George Soros see these leaves? I’m guessing no, but you aren’t an artist until people are seeing allegory and metaphor where it doesn’t exist

  3. Yes. Thank you.

    Leaves. Crisp fall weather.

    Bonfires at night. Telling stories (bawdy or not).


  4. I was going to type up something snarky about cosmetic surgery or doping or other such… but the headlines have gotten to me… if I could go to a park and kick thru a heap of leaves that would help… maybe next year…

  5. Good choice!
    I’m counting down the days until we can end this. Constant attack ads have made this a soul-sucking experience. It seems to get worse every election cycle and an order of magnitude worse on presidential cycles.
    Slay the Election Dragon. Vote if you have not done so and put us out of our misery or condemn us to four more years of hell. Your choice. But VOTE!

  6. Max Malcom beat me to it. At least you’re not the only person seeing hidden messages, Max :-)

  7. The only season that I miss since moving from southern Ohio to Florida is Fall. I moved because I couldn’t take the winters anymore, but Fall, with the leaves, the brisk days, the smells, those I miss.

  8. Unfortunately there isnt enough foilage to cover this mess.

    After election day, Trump will take everything to court and we’ll be hearing about it for months. Even if he loses by a landslide, trump will try to drag it out and the news will have various shenanigans he will be pulling all the way until Jan 20. He has all the intelligence of those “sovereign citizen” individuals. By january 15, he will be spewing constant gibberish. Possibly appealing to his hard core base to start shooting people.

    We are a long ways from this being over.

  9. As much as I enjoy reading your politalk, I am happy to enjoy some lovely photos instead.

    I suspect that these leaves augur a possible future history of the 10 weeks following the election. Somebody is going to just give up the pretense and defoliate as much as possible before the official end of his term. There’s no one to stop him. 10 weeks is a long time. After that, no more oxygen for him. Please, please, please.

    Thanks for the moment of quiet contemplation. I’m aroil, alas.

  10. Yeah, “best case” is a certain someone loses the popular election (again) AND the electoral college, concedes in the face of overwhelming evidence, and then spends the next 3 months trashing the joint in a fit of narcissistic rage. Worst case is he refuses to admit to anything (his SOP after all), raises all kinds of issues of malfeasance bythe deep state and then, in the “interests of fairness to all voters,” sends it off to the SCOTUS where… well, you can imagine.

  11. Gorgeous pics, especially the last one.
    Also, I voted and hand delivered my ballot so I’m done with the election now & have no more attention to give to it anyway so it’s just as well you went with the leaves.

  12. crisp crunching under stomping foot
    foolish parents admonishing us
    not to knock apart heaped leaves
    sipping heated spicy cider
    harvest moon at day’s end
    reminders great ‘n small
    of what George RR Martin has warned us…

    …winter is coming

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