Have a Puppy

Roxy, my mother-in-law's Shih Tzu.

Figure it might come in handy right about now.

Back to novel writing for me —

— JS

18 Comments on “Have a Puppy”

  1. Thank you for the Puppy! You are correct, it’s a good time for charming distractions, now back to novel reading.

  2. Whose puppy is this! Did you get a puppy without telling all of us? I demand a recount!!! ;)

  3. I got a (three months old farmyard) kitten last week. A joy – and yes, a blessing at this point in time.

  4. Puppy nice! But, but, but *which* novel? The one where… Or the sequel to… Or the long-awaited…

    C’mon, we may yet survive as a nation, give us a hint?

  5. I’m feeling really weird right about now — how about some pictures of Sugar & Spice, and Smudge?

    That dog looks like Smudge could eat him — if he didn’t mind the hairballs….